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Copyright Policy and Usage Rights

Only wallpapers that contain © DriverLayer watermark or text like 'By DriverLayer' are property of DriverLayer. You are allowed to use and distribute those as long as you do not remove any copyright or trademark notices or other notices that go with them as defined in the Free Culture License. Other than that all wallpapers published on this website are copyrighted by their respective authors. Mostly images are collected from all around the web so if you find any image which is copyrighted by you or you are the owner and you want it to be removed then please report that image and after review we will remove/block it.

German Court Rulling on Copyright Violation of Image Search Engine

Ruling makes it clear not just for Google, its users in Germany and all owners of Web sites containing images, but also for all providers of image search services operating in the country: showing thumbnail images within search results is legitimate and millions of users in Germany benefit from being able to discover virtual information at the click of a mouse," Arnd Haller . Blog Post

Think twice when you wanna put copyright claim on any search Engine like DriverLayer or Google