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What is DriverLayer?

DriverLayer is a Web Search Engine including other services like URL Masker, Video Chat. It was founded by Wajahat Ahmad Khan while he was a B.Com student at Quid-e-Azam University Islamabad on 12th of May 2014. It grown too fast beyond the expectations of web designers and developers. It was mainly developed to compete with it's competitors like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. It has unique look which gets the attention of it's viewers. DriverLayer-owned sites are YouTubeTool , DogMP3, VidUpdatez and few other sites.


  • Fast and Most Related Search Results, so that users can search for the information they desire through the use of keywords and operators.
  • Clean look and Futuristic Design.
  • Most Appealing feature is Parental Control so Now it is easy for the parents to secure their children from the bad content. It comes with the feature of Password Protection so only parents can disable PC (Parental Control) if they have password.
  • Show Results on same page with the option of number of results to show on page.
  • Full Option to Search any Size Image.
  • Feature to load images faster if viewer has a slow internet or PC.
  • Instant Search Results for web search which is time saving with auto suggestion.
  • Get the Definition, Explanation or meaning of any word by just typing "define word" or "explain word" or "meaning of word".
  • Get Synonyms of any word in web search by just typing these commands "synonyms of word" or "another word for word".
  • Also you can use DriverLayer URL Masker tool to hide your actual link to prevent from blocking, you can use it for facebook and other mediums.
  • Video Chat is recently launched where you can chat with anybody using webcam online.

There are so many features which DriverLayer viewers can enjoy and our Engineers are working on it to introduce new and unique features.